Frequently Asked Questions

What are your pricing, terms and specifications?

The packaging sizes listed are indicative of the most often purchased sizes; however, we welcome requests for quotation on different sizes and for bulk quantities. Our terms of payment are net 30 days with established credit; otherwise shipments require payment in advance.

What is the minimum order I can place?

There is no minimum order.

How do you ship?

We generally ship via the method specified by our customers. However, we reserve the right to change this method for certain chemicals which, when required by regulations, cannot be shipped safely by the preferred method. We make every possible effort to minimize shipping costs.

Can I purchase products that aren’t listed?

Please inquire for related chemicals and laboratory supplies which are not listed in the catalog.

What about regulatory compliance?

It is the sole responsibility of the user to know and comply with all applicable local, state, federal and / or international regulations.

Can I have access to safety data sheet?

SDS (Safety Data Sheets) are available to all customers. Please call (502) 636-5176 or e-mail: for assistance.

What is your return policy?

As returned goods represent an economic waste and add to the cost of distribution, it is important that Antec, Inc. adopt a uniform returned goods policy that is not only realistic and fair from our point of view, but also that of our customers. With this goal of fairness in mind, the following policy shall be used as guidelines in the acceptance of merchandise for return and the issuance of credit.

1. Merchandise returned must be:

2. Merchandise not returnable for credit consideration:

3. Return transportation charges are to be paid by the firm or individual making the return.

4. Credit will be issued based upon the original sale price less 25% restocking fee.

What are your terms of sale?

What kind of transportation is available?

All prices are F.O.B. Louisville, KY (shipping point) unless prior arrangements have been made.

All prices subject to change without notice. All orders will be acknowledged within 24 hours, Monday through Friday, via phone, FAX or E-mail. Stock and price subject to current inventory. It is our policy to process orders immediately, whenever possible.